Clear Your Clutter Into Cash


I have written about the benefits of clearing clutter for your health and time management. But it is also the perfect time to get some cash in your purse or wallet or spread some goodwill (especially during the month of Ramadan). Here are my tips on how to make some money with your clutter:

1. Review the Clutter

Look at the clutter and assess whether you need it in your life? Have you used it in the last six months? If no, why not donate or sell it to give you some space.

2. Take Action

Sort through the clutter and put them into piles: trash, sell, swap, donate or keep.

3. Make some money

Split the “sell” pile into items you can sell online, sell at a flea market and sell to specialist stores.

If you are selling online there are the following apps and sites that you can use to sell to the masses:

a. Melltoo – This app which can be downloaded on your phone allows you to place your ad immediately and chat to the sellers using the chat option. No more missed calls and unanswered emails. You can see the location of the seller which means you can buy from your neighbour. The company also screens all ad’s to make sure they are appropriate.

140701 Melltoo in your hand

b. Dubizzle – the well known website allows you to place ads. You can choose to receive emails or calls from the buyers and screen them before you allow them into your home. Be prepared to receive contact from people who want to pay 10dhs for your 500dhs television.

c. Ebay USA – Ebay is great for trying to sell antiques and designer gear to a worldwide audience. Bear in mind that you have to include shipping costs in the ad. Also it can take half an hour to post each ad due to the tedious amount of questions, but is worth it if you are selling something appealing and want to make more money. Note that if you are selling from the UAE, you will have to sign up on Ebay USA.

d. . Garderobe – Do you have designer gear to sell, then Garderobe could be the portal for you to try. It is Middles East’s online destination for buying and selling pre-loved luxury fashion. They also have a store on Beach Road, Dubai. 

To sell offline you can trying selling as follows:

a. Flea Markets – there are flea markets in Dubai and Sharjah every month. You have to pay 270dhs for one table so make sure you have a lot of items to sell. Be prepared to deal with people who want to pay 5-10dhs for your 200dhs dress. If you want to make money be firm with these 5dhs buyers.

b. Cash Converters UAE – they will take your furniture items and either give you cash at pick up or after they have sold their item. They are full during the summer as so many people are giving away unwanted furniture before they move so check they can take your items away.

c. Reem’s Closet – this institution in Mazaya Centre has been supplying pre-loved designer gear since 2008. Worth checking out to sell your goods.


4. Donate

If you would rather donate your items rather than making cash, there are various charities and non-profit organisations you can contact to donate. A few of these organisations of note are:

140701 kitten-with-a-book

a. Feline Friends – This non-profit will take your books to sell at Arte and other events. They also hold garage sells to sell items such as clothes and household items. All these events help to fund their TNR scheme for stray cats and other ventures.

b. Dar Al Ber (Women’s Section) – they are happy to take women and children’s clothes as well as toys to donate to women in need.

c. Take My Junk – This Ajman based company will take almost anything (but not big furniture items). The items go directly to underprivileged residents in the UAE or the proceeds benefit the labour camps. The service is free, but they do ask for a donation.

d. Bras For Social Crime – Juliana Kagugube runs Bras4SocialCrime (a non profit organisation) and takes old bras and gives them to women in rural Uganda for whom owning even one bra is a privilege. 

e. Dubai Cares – If you have made some money from selling your items and want to donate the money, Dubai Cares is one charity worth donating to. They have special initiatives especially during Ramadan and provide various ways for you to donate to them.

f. Bin Kitty – Admittedly I have a soft spot for Bin Kitty (and Feline Friends when it was here) as my two cats were adopted from them. Bin Kitty, another non-profit organisation are always happy to take cash donations to help them pay for TNR schemes for strays. Also if you can help with donating food and space for the kitties that would help a lot (especially during the summer)

g. The Animal Project – This non-profit organisation collects books, clothes and household items to sell at markets/fairs. The proceeds are used to educate and inform on community social responsibility for animals in Dubai. They also use the proceeds to provide discounted veterinary clinics rates, advertising and finding suitable permanent homes for their fostered rescued/unwanted pets.  You can find them currently at Mercato every evening selling various items (until 1 August 2014).

5. Get Organised

Now that you have declutter, time to get organised. Use baskets, boxes and jars to help you start organised the items in your rooms. If you need more inspiration there are various blog posts with tips on how to get organised at home.

How do you make cash with your clutter? Are there any charities you would recommend the readers contact when decluttering?


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