App of the Week – Key Ring

140818 Key Ring logo

How many loyalty cards do you have filling up your purse and wallet? Is it always bulging? I have a second purse just for the loyalty cards from the supermarkets, store groups, coffee shops, etc – and that’s just for the UAE. I also have a separate pile of cards for the UK. It’s all space wasting and energy sapping.

Then I found out about Key Ring. Key Ring is an app for your mobile phone devices where you can save all your loyalty cards (that do not need stamps). You scan the back and front of 140816 Key Ring infothe card and it is then saved onto your app. This means when you go to the store, say a French Supermarket, you just need to show the barcode on your app to the teller, they scan it and bing you get your points.

No more fumbling around my two purses for the card, whilst trying to pack my bags and pay for the goods. One hassle has been taken out of shopping and it’s great.

Here is a video from Key Ring on how it works for your entertainment.

What app’s do you use to stay organised and save you time, hassle and space? I would love to hear how you keep organised.