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Do you travel often or have family and friends travelling frequently in and out of the UAE? A flight tracking app is a valuable tool to check the status of flights flying anywhere internationally.

Flight+ is a flight tracking app with a trip diary and also an airport information hub.  For once I am suggesting an app you have to pay for ($2.99). Irritatingly you are expected to download two different versions for the iPhone and iPad (unfortunately it is not available for the android yet). I suggest you download the app for your iPhone as you will be carrying that more often than your iPad.

The app itself is attractive and has a intuitive user-interface. You are able to monitor individual airline flights, about to depart, enroute or arrived at their destination.  If you do not know the flight number, you can still find the flight providing the airports and date of departure.

Once you have saved the flight, you can view a map of the flight’s location, scheduled and actual departure and arrivals, terminal and gate information, weather and current time at each location.


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You can also save your favourite carrier to an easily accessible list, which is always useful for us who fly with specific UAE carriers.  If you want to geek out you can find information on the airport and the airline as well as the type of aircraft.

My only gripe is their lack of website and their twitter account has not been active since 2012, which is a disappointment especially in this day.

If you, your family or friends travel often or you have a lot of visitors coming to the UAE during the year, then this app is very useful and easy to use.

What other apps do you use for flight tracking? I would love to hear your favourite apps especially for the android phones.






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