Top Tips to Declutter your Store Room or Garage

Reorganised Storage Room

Reorganised Storage Room

This week’s decluttr session focuses on the storage room. With the cool weather arriving, I’m sure you or the man in your life will be removing the dust and cobwebs off the DIY boxes, camping gear and cleaning gear.

Rhiannon Downie-Hurst (Rio) from Bride Club ME needed help to organise and declutter the store room in her new apartment. When she and her husband had moved in, all the miscellaneous items including car, camping and DIY gear had been thrown into the store room. Now they wanted to use the items, they were unable to get into the store room.

Here are the before pictures:

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To start, we took out all of the items in the store room going through the items and allocating them into piles:  throw away, keep recycled, donated or sold.

As Rio went through the items to decide if they could be donated or sold, I went through the DIY items which were scattered everywhere. We found two toolboxes with a huge amount of items,  but also DIY parts in various other bags, boxes and on the floor. All the parts were collected into one pile and then I separated certain items such as screws, screw drivers, nails, etc into zip lock bag. Due to the current lack of space it was easier to contain the like items in these simple bags and store back in the DIY box. Later on they could be stored in store boxes such as this one :

141005 12DrawerChestGry










For now the toolboxes and drill boxes were put in one large Samla box from Ikea,  labelled DIY for ease of access.

We also found that the maid had piled the cleaning gear in various (wet buckets) so after throwing away the mouldy sponges, we arranged the cleaning gear into one corner of the room which could be accessed easily by the maid going forward. I also suggested that Rio purchase a hook system such as the one in the pictures below to store her brooms and mops. The hook system can be brought at Ace Hardware.

141005 hanging hooks 141005 hanging brooms












We also gathered all the luggage and put that in one corner near the door so that they could be picked up when needed.

If you are a business owner you will have bits and pieces you need to have such as roll up adverts, flyers, etc. Storing them can be difficult especially if you work from home. For Rio’s Bride Club Me items, we stored them in a big Samla box without the lid. If she required any item for a presentation, etc, she could access the item without banging into other storage items.

This was how the store room looked after the Decluttr session.

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You can see Rio’s blog post on our session here.


If you are reorganising your store room or garage, consider using these storage solutions to ensure everything is organised:

a.  Wall storage such as this one from Big Dug.

141005 garage-wall-rack-kit-p1696-210304_medium












b.  Hooks and pegs (including the pegboard shown below, used for storing and organizing tools)

141005 pegboard










c.  Shelves

d.  Storage cabinets (including those for small parts), which are best for items that may need to be stored securely for safety reasons such as chemicals.

e.  Overhead storage for items that aren’t used often, and can’t easily be stored on the walls.

Most of these items can be bought in DIY stores in the UAE or ordered online to be delivered here.

I would love to know how you have organised your store room for the autumn season?  You can tell me your progress or give me more ideas for how you’ve organised this area of your home in the comments below.

If you would like help with decluttering your room, complete your details in the form below and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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Enjoy your week!






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  • Rio

    Thanks for all your help Shelina – Was a great experience, and I am sure I will be needing you again soon – Rio x