Top 8 Apps for Kids

Stuck on a 7 hour flight with your kids? Travelling by car to another emirate for a staycation? Here are my top 8 apps to keep your little ones entertained on your Apple products:

helicopter taxi1. Helicopter Taxi

This genius apps uses augmented reality, using the devices camera to create an effect of a helicopter flying across the room. By  moving the device, your little pilots steer the helicopter flying to wherever they want to fly and then land on different surfaces to pick  up more passengers. The graphics are awesome and your kids will love being navigators.

$1.99 – Ages 3+


pocket frogs

 2. Pocket Frogs

Do your kids love these slimy creatures? This app allows your kid to collect, trade and breed new frogs in  custom habitats. The game can also be played with other friends.

Free – Ages 4+




jelly car 2

 3. Jelly Car 2 

If you missed Jelly car, you kid missed the breakout hit recently. This new version has 30 new levels, 3 new  modes (allowing them to create their own Jelly car and puzzles), and new sticky wheels and balloon abilities.    As a plus your child could learn about physics and problem solving whilst they play.

$0.99 – Ages 5+




 4. Pianist 

Transform your Iphone into an 88 key piano for your little pianist. The graphics are realistic and the keys depress as    you touch them. They can also record their masterpieces to play back to their fans.

$3.99 – Ages 4+






scribble lite 5. Scribble Lite

Turn your device into a minature sketch pad. Your child can draw their masterpiece, then shake to clear.  The options include  changing colours, pen sizes, etc.

Free – Ages 4+



6.  Super Why141101 super why

This is a popular PBS show in the States for the preschoolers. This game takes your child’s favourite characters and puts  them in a bunch of gamlets focusing on the alphabet, rhyming, spelling, writing and reading.

$2.99 – Ages 3-6



shapes 7. Shapes Toodler Preschool

 This app created by a real mum and dad focuses on shape quizzes for you toddlers. The kids are told which shares to touch and  they will get a virtual sticker if they are correct 4 times in a row. If they touch the wrong share, they will be told the name of the  wrong shape and they can guess the correct shape.

Free – Ages 2-4








playtime 8. BBC Ceebies Playtime

This free apps stars lots of your tots CBeebies faves. The games are educational and fun. As a bonus you can  use the unique features to help make the experience more special with your child and help you to support  their learning.

Free – Ages 5 and under.




What are you kid’s favourite games currently on your phones and tablets. Let’s add to the list to help other mums and dads :).

Have fun!






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