3 Ways to Improve Your Office Environment


Even though most of us would hate to admit this, we spend far too much time around the office. Far too many of us suffer daily in poorly designed office environments, where we need to deal with furniture of equally poor design that is meant for us.

Those of us who have actually experienced a positive, personalized and efficient office furniture setup of intelligent design know just how different this can be compared to the usual cut and dry solutions most companies seem fond of. Well whether you sit in your own corporate office or a smaller home office instead, there are a few things you can benefit from by choosing the right furniture for your needs.

The following tips will give you more information you can use to solve this conundrum:

  • Making a list of your needs

Before you decide to think about what type of furniture you may need, you should make a good list of your basic office needs to ensure you have everything covered.  This list should include even items such as your file storage, computer, and printer and so on. When you do make your list, you should think about a potential floor plan and ideas about spacing and location of items to ensure maximum efficiency and lighting that is sufficient for the job. For example, if you happen to work as a graphic designer, you will need more table space, a location for your computer and work. If you are a consultant, then you will likely need more space and some great file cabinets for storage of sensitive documents and a place to meet your clients.

  • The importance of location

If you are in a typical corporate office, this means most locations are already determined, but you can still think about utilizing space in a more efficient and welcoming way. Consider the location of the windows, the lighting and the placement of any wall outlets and proximity to an entrance. In most cases you should make sure you take advantage of any and all natural lighting to keep things easier on the eyes. If you have a home office instead, you should make sure you remove it from any distractions such as noise, family members and of course the kitchen. You need to make sure your personal storage space is also adequate for the job, so don’t forget its importance.

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  • Choosing furniture designed for you

There are many choices when it comes to office furniture, but the most important aspect of it still remains the office desk. While it may be simply a place where you do most of your work, a quality piece of furniture will help integrate technology connected to it and it will help make things more efficient. If your desk needs to house a CPU tower, then you should ensure you have a desk that allows it to properly ventilate as well as the necessary storage space needed to make things work. Apart from storage however, you should also consider a great and ergonomic desk chair with proper back support, as you will spend a lot of time on it.

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Guest Contributor – Ella Andrews


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