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Being an entrepreneur, you have to attend a lot of networking events to spread the word about your business, but also to obtain great information to help you on the rock road to entepreneurship. One of the network’s I belong to is the Dubai Business Women Council (DBWC).

Last month, I attended the DBWC monthly Majilis which was hosted by Genny Ghanimeh of Pi Slice and Soushiant Zanganehpour of Tribeca Consulting Group. During the event there was a discussion on how to create awareness of your new company and I provided insight on the use of social media for DeCluttr Me.

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My insight has been included in the October 2015 Arabian Business Startup Magazine.  The article also includes advice on how to remove the pain for customers and also to assume the worse when starting your new company.

To read the full article you can click on the link here and go to Page 47.

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