The “Stop Doing” List

151123 The Stop Doing List


I often talk about having a to-do list and have even recommended apps such as Ticktick and Todoist to use to keep your list of to-do’s in one place. However, we also need a stop doing list. These are the items you need to stop doing on a daily basis which can increase your clutter and make your more disorganized.

Having a simple list of things to stop doing can help you bring order to your life. Here are the items on my stop doing list:

1. Desk Space

  • Keeping printer paper on your desk (store it in an allocated place near your printer)
  • Leaving confidential files on your desk
  • Mixing personal and business files together
  • Letting rubbish pile up in your bin
  • Eating at your desk
  • Keeping too many personal mementos on your desk
  • Having more than 2 items in your pending tray.
  • Not clearing your out tray at least once a week.


2. Emails

  • Not unsubscribing to spam emails.
  • Keeping emails that you have been cc’d in and don’t need to keep
  • Storing emails in the inbox rather than filing in subfolders or deleting
  • Keeping more than 10 emails in your inbox at the end of the day
  • Not clearing your out tray at least once a week.


3. Mail

  • Keeping unopened mail for longer than a day
  • Receiving paper bills rathen e-bills
  • Not shredding or throwing away unwanted mail immediately.


4. Handbag/Man Bag

  • Keeping receipts in your purse for longer than 24 hours
  • Keeping food items inside your bag
  • Storing used tissues
  • Keeping coins loose in the bag rather than in your purse


Let me know if this list helps you to stop doing certain activities. If you have a stop doing list already, what items do you have in your list. Share them in the comments box below.








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