How to Organize a Perfect Workplace at Home

151129 How to Organize A Perfect Workplace at Home


Recently, here at Decluttr Me, we posted a useful article about ways to have a creative home office. Your perfect workplace should be not only creative but well-organized as well. Thus, today we’re going to tell secrets about home workplace organization.

Believe it or not, your workplace impacts your creativity, concentration, and cleverness. Once you organize a perfect workplace, you can become more productive and, therefore, complete tasks on a high-level faster.

Many thanks to OmniPapers who has shared this informative piece of writing about workplace organization. Pay attention to this infographic as you can find out interesting ideas and tips.

151129 your writing cabinet organization

Also here are four tips:

1. Organize your writing desk. Get rid of all the mess you have: drafts, cups, utensils, books. Throw out things you don’t need at all, hide items you don’t use daily, and keep important stuff close to you.

2. Organize two zones. Your workplace should be divided into two zones. Obviously, a computer zone is for working with your computer. A non-computer zone is for boosting inspiration. If you want to stay productive, you need to shift work and relax.

3. Add comfort. If you have a comfortable workplace, that’s great. However, it should have things that help to prevent health problems (an ergonomic office chair, mini elliptical trainers, a standing/sitting desk, etc.). Stay healthy!

4. Use up-to-date gadgets. Modern technologies are everywhere. We can’t live without phones, laptops, and tablets anymore. Thus, we need to get the most out of the digital era and start using gadgets to increase productivity (a digital highlighter or a smart pen).


Do these tips inspire you be more organized at your desk? If you need help to be more organized, contact us to find out how we can help.







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