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160131 Boost Your Office Productivity


You may have learnt some tricks on how to boost your productivity, but in offices today, it is not just about yourself but about the group as a whole with whom you work with. As a boss, your role is to set the vision of the company as well as act as buffer to higher management and their (unreasonable) expectations for your team. Part of this juggling process includes assisting them to be more productive. To ensure they meet this  requirement, here are some tips on how to boost your office productivity:

Get Your House in Order

Show the team your good time management practices whether it be attending meetings, answering emails and the projects you spearhead. By showing how you allocate your time for these matters to your team, they can follow your lead.

Set Goals for your Team

Create goals for your team to meet with regards to the projects they are working on. By setting goals, it will help your team understand what they should be focusing on and what they should not be committing to during this time.

Clarify Expectations

Meet with your team separately to discuss what are your expectations for their role. Don’t micromanage, but explain how much time you expect them to spend on each project whether it be a client pitch, attending a meeting, etc. The team member needs to know what quality of work you are expecting for the matters and what outcome you hope to achieve. Remember there isn’t one correct approach to time management, but you can guide them on your expectations.

Also communicate when you expect work to be completed on weekends or evenings. If you fail to advise on this and the extra hours were spent for no reason, this will build up resentment within the team.

Block Off Time

Encourage your team members to block off chunks of time every day to work on their day to day work, answer emails, daily/weekly planning, etc. Let them decide how best to utilise that time for their daily chores.

Also make smart use of shared calendars to include these daily blocked off chunks and evening downtime. This enables your team to understand when they can and cannot disturb each other.

Do You Need That Meeting

When working as In House Counsel, attending meetings were my pet hate. They would suck time out of my day and would not be effectively held. Think about whether you need to hold all those meetings. If you do need to have those meetings, make the meetings more effective by using these tricks:

a. Ensure each one has a clear defined purpose.

b. Send the reading material for the meeting beforehand.

Get Help

If you and your team are finding it difficult to become more efficient enlist the help of a productivity trainer or coach to assist you. They can provide group sessions or help individuals who need 121 coaching. We provide a 2 hour training course on productivity which is a good starting block for you and your team. To find out more, contact us by completing this form.

It is essential that everyone is on the same page to enable productivity to go up. These tips will help you to get to that goal.










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