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Many of my clients declutter clothes that have hardly been worn or still have the tags on them. They fashion items range from high street to designer items and are definitely not ready to be thrown away. Due to the hassle of selling on the second hand market, I tend to suggest the clients donate their items to Dar Al Ber’s Women and Children’s Society, the majority of the time.

When the clothes are high value and in good condition, it seems a shame to not sell the item and get some money back. However, the second-hand market here is very difficult to deal with. You can sell items such as at the Flea Market, Dubizzle, Second Hand Facebook Groups, etc, but people tend to face problems from high outlay costs to buyers ignoring the price you have stated and offering 5 AED or even nothing for the item (even if it is valued at AED 500 or more). The process of selling clothing items has been cumbersome. Until now…

Shedd is an app for your mobile which enables you to buy and sell fashion items and accessories.

The concept is simple, you take a good photo of the item, upload it onto the app, write a description of the item, include relevant hashtags and then submit. The Shedd team will review the posting and if acceptable, it will be added to the main screen.

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I decided to test the app with items from a recent client (with her wishes). I wanted to ensure the pictures were fabulous so took the photos using my fancy Nikon and then transferred them to my mobile to upload. I found that the size of the photos on my camera and the size of the photos accepted on the app (square format) were different which meant that the clothes were cropped (such as a pair of jean shorts).  I also realised that that you had to write a proper description and not just use hashtags (I was under the impression at first that it was all based on hastagas – #hashtagfail!). After a few fails, I  created a template to use for when selling items including the description and hashtags (all saved on Evernote for easy access in future) and was able to post 5 items with a few less fails on my part.

When selling the items, I have opted to meet the person to exchange cash for the goods. You can also choose instant shipping and payment and state the payment amount. Using the postal service here is not an option as it is so slow, so the only option for instant shipping would be to use a courier service. Knowing the prices, it didn’t seem prudent to use that option for buyers, but it could be something to consider in the future.

One of the great elements on Shedd is that small businesses can use the app to sell items, just like you can on Ebay. So my account was created under DeCluttr Me to enable me to sell items for my clients (and even for myself). I have had a few queries on the items, but no sales as yet. I don’t know whether this is due to the pictures (I’m not insta genius!), the description, the items are not what the buyers are looking for or if there are not enough users currently, so response is slow. I have a few more designer items to sell for myself and clients, so will be posting them soon and see what response is with the more high value items.   A lot of the sellers seem to have mastered the art of selling on this app (like you see on Ebay) and I would be intrigued to see how they have found dealing with buyers of their products.  I have looked at certain items to buy and been very tempted but I am controlling myself for now. My review on being a buyer will be added to this blog one day….

I loved the easy usability of Shedd to sell the items and to view products on sale.  I would recommend it if you have higher priced high street items or designer items to sell. Make sure you write a good description of the items and the correct hashtags to get the right type of buyers. As the users of the app increases, I have a feeling it will be easier to sell items to interested buyers.

If you would like to check out what I am selling currently on Shedd, look for #Decluttrme or the account “Shelina from Decluttr Me”. Proceeds from any sales will be going to charity or back to the client (with a percentage being taken for admin fees).

If you have used this app, let me know how you have found it with regards to using it and also selling or buying items.









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