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Do you have wrapping paper in one place, cards in a desk drawers and ribbon in random places throughout the house? I store my wrapping paper in a garment bag holder (see my post on this from the past), my birthday cards, etc are in a basket and the ribbon, well they are in random locations.

Then Adam Levine of Wrap-It got in touch and told me the “World Greatest Gift Wrap Organizer” (his words not mine!). I thought it was a gimmick, but he convinced me to try it out and sent over the deluxe version of the Wrap-It (NB: I paid for the postage).

Whilst I had my wrapping items everywhere at home, I thought the Wrap-It would be tested better if used at my parents home back in England. They literally have wrapping items everywhere – in 4 bedrooms, the kitchen, the garage and 2 stores rooms (and maybe other places they failed to tell me about it). Whilst on holiday with them recently, I collected all the items (took about 20 minutes) and sat for 10 minutes putting each item into an allocated spot within the Wrap-It Organzier. The wrapping paper in tubes were slipped in between the elastic holders, the cards were slotted into a few of the pockets (one for birthdays, one for family, one for condolences, get well soon, etc), the ribbon, bags and tags were stored in another pocket. Once organized, the organizer was hung in the store room on one of the coat hooks.

To say my parents were impressed, would be an understatement. All of their wrapping items were now in one place which meant my dad stopped grumbling about the wrapping clutter everywhere and my mum can now find what she wanted easily and quickly.  Happy parents = happy daughter (and organizer!).


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This is a simple idea, but incredibly helpful and useful.  It doesn’t take long to fill Organizer up with the items into a new manner, time is taken finding everything. It is not cheap ($59.99), but if you do have a lot of items (especially for children’s presents), this is ideal for you.  The version I was sent has sold out, but you can now buy the above version which I prefer as it is in my favourite colour blue!

Do I think it is the “World Greatest Gift Wrap Organizer”, I haven’t tried any other wrapping organizers so for now…let’s say yes! 🙂

Although not yet here in the UAE, you can order it directly from Wrap-It and ship it via Shop n’Ship, by clicking on this link or please let me know and I will connect you with Adam.

Thanks Adam for introducing our family to the Wrap-It.



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