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During my time as a professional organizer I have seen various types of clutterers. All of them are covered in stuff whether in their home or office but some hide it, whereas others seem to trip over their clutter on a regular basis. Experts have shown that there can be a spectrum of clutterers with one side being the extreme declutterers who then regret throwing everything (and I mean everything!) away to the sentimental clutters who find every item holds some sentimental value to them. If you have ever wondered which one you were, take this quiz and find out your clutterer type:



(Courtesy of: QuickQuid)


Whether you are sentimental clutterer, throw-it-all-away-and-regret-it-later clutterer, behind-closed-doors clutterer, knowledge clutterer or an accumulator clutterer, you have discovered who you are and now you can start conquering the clutter.

DeCluttr Me provides confidential, sympathetic and common sense help and advice to anyone who needs to help to stop being a clutterer. If you would like to stop being a clutter type, contact us at any time using the form here to book a decluttering and orgnaizing session.


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