Why Shopping Whilst DeCluttering is Never a Good Idea

Why Shopping Whilst DeCluttering is Never a Good Idea ...


I recently helped a lovely client to declutter her clothes and accessories which she had bought over a few years. Whilst we were still in the declutter process, a parcel arrived…

The parcel was from Net-a-Porter and contained beautiful new clothes to add to the wardrobe.

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She then confessed she had been shopping online before I had arrived and ordered more stuff to be delivered later in the week.

A few minutes later, I was told I had been called in to help declutter so she could buy new stuff!!

Imagine my face.

By using a professional organizer like DeCluttr Me, we enable you to clear the clutter in a quick, systematic way and to then organize everything you have left into proper systems that you can use moving forward.

Decluttering should not be a reason to enable you to shop more!

We understand you will want to buy new clothes and accessories (eventually), but during the decluttering session is a bit extreme.

The whole point of decluttering is to lighten your room, your soul and to make you realise how much money you have wasted buying stuff that you do not use, wear or like. I cannot tell you how many times, I have decluttered items which still have the price tag on them.


Once the shock had fallen off my face, my advice to the lovely client was as follows:

  1. Declutter all the clothes and accessories that you do not like, wear anymore, doesn’t fit or is broken.
  2. Organize everything that is left into proper easy to use and accessible systems (with the help of a PO like DeCluttr Me).
  3. Do not buy anything for a week (or more!) and see how it feels using the organized closets with less stuff in it. Get used to the feeling of lightness and ease of access in your closets.
  4. If you do buy anything after that week, you must declutter 2 items for every 1 item bought.
  5. Leave a box next to your closets to throw all your decluttered items in it. Once the box is full, donate the items to charity.
  6. Call us back again to help you every few weeks or months to help you relieve the clutter if it has built up again (there is no shame in needing help again to declutter and organize).


If you have too many clothes and accessories, have a shopping addiction and need help to alleviate the clutter, contact us by filling in the form here. We will be in touch to book the Free 20 Minute Consultation within 24 hours.


Shelina Jokhiya

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