The Definition of Clutter



Clutter is “a confusing or disorderly state or collection and possible symptom of compulsive hoarding” – Wikipedia


Clutter is different for everyone. What may be one person’s treasure might be a pile of junk to another.

Clutter to me is:

  • anything that doesn’t have a place to live.
  • anything that is broken or needs repairing.
  • anything that no longer has a use or serves its purpose (like clothes, relationships, habits or negative thoughts).
  • anything that messy or unclean.
  • anything overwhelming or disorganized.
  • anything that is overflowing or feeling stuffed.
  • anything that causes confusion.

When you look at your stuff whether in the home, office or in your mind, which one of the above resonated with you? Is it your clothes, your relationships with friends, the broken souvenir from Nepal?

If you have stuff that you have to deal with or manage, then they become your clutter. You are managing them in your mind, in your space and it can burden you. When this stuff becomes a burden, it is clutter and needs to be removed from your life.




Want an example? Where did you put that present from your mother-in-law You know that tacky tea set which you will never use? How about the card from your best friend? Or the souvenir you got from a colleague in the office? Did you head start spinning thinking about these things. Did you start screaming inwardly? This is clutter, which will start manifesting more and more in your head as you accumulate more stuff, breeding anxiety and fear. Great feeling eh?

The stuff is not the main problem, it is why you are keeping that stuff? If you have no idea why you are keeping it, it is time to let it go.

It doesn’t have to go in the bin, but can be donated to your maid, to your friends, to the kids that are creating art, to a charity collecting for underprivileged families. When it comes to clutter relationships, think about how they are making you feel. If you are not happy, time to unfriend them on Facebook and in real life, then go out and meet more like minded people that can make you happy.

So what happens after you have decluttered? Your stuff will have a place to live, you will feel light, be able to make decisions easily, be happy and find peace in your life. Isn’t that a great feeling to look forward to!

If you know you have clutter, but feel overwhelmed by the prospect of start the declutter process, enlist the help of a professional organizer. They won’t have a personal attachment to your life so can provide impartial support during this time. DeCluttr Me are always happy to provide help whether it be for 2 hours a week to a full day session. Find out more by filling in the contact form.


Shelina Jokhiya






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