How Much is too Much


How about clothes? How many pairs of jeans do you own – 5, 20, 100? I own about 10 pairs. That might seem a lot to you, but bear in mind I wear jeans as part of my DeCluttr Me uniform, for meetings (as I don’t need to wear suits any longer), going out in the evening and for casual events.  (If you have a 100 pairs of jeans, in all likelihood it is too much and should be reviewed and decluttered).

The key to deciding when you have too much is to review your positive and negative levels when you look at the stuff. Do you feel suffocated, stressed, angry, tired, frustrated and any other negative feelings? If yes, then it’s time to review the stuff and see how you can reduce the negative feels and start feeling positive.

Think about the following to enable you to start the declutter process:

  1. How do you want to use this space? Calm, peaceful place for relaxing? Functional and easy to access to make you productive?
  2. Do you want to access your stuff easily every day without things falling on you.
  3. Does it make you feel happy having that item?

Once you have envisaged how you want the room to look and the stuff to affect you in your everyday life, start creating that area slowly. Yep, I said slowly. Your clutter didn’t arrive in one day, and it will take time to remove it.

Start in small areas in each room, say your coffee table, a few drawers in your office or one section of your wardrobe. Take before and after pictures of each area so you can see the difference in the area and how much stuff you had before and now. If it’s a present and you never liked it, donate it to someone who can appreciate it.

If you feel daunted by starting the declutter process and can’t see beyond the stuff, then call in a professional such as Decluttr Me to help you start the process. To find out more about how we can help, contact us using the contact form.


Shelina Jokhiya






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