The Pre-Christmas DeClutter


Are you dreading the Christmas/Holiday season. Stressed from everything you have to do to get ready. Exasperated by the amount of stuff in your home and no where to store them properly? Well today is your lucky day! Here is my pre-Christmas DeClutter guide to help you get organized, de-stressed and happy to enjoy the season.

There are certain areas that need a light declutter (or heavy declutter – but if it is heavy you may need the help of a professional organizer to get you through it all) pre-holidays and this where we are going to focus on.

1. Toy Declutter

If you have kids or grandkids, there most probably a lot of toys in the playroom, bedroom and anywhere else they can find to store them. You know they are going to get new items this holidays, so declutter some to make room for the new ones.

An easy declutter are broken toys, unwanted gifts (donate them to a children’s charity rather than holding onto them to donate to another child from their class – they kid most probably has the toy), hand me downs, party favours and those little toys from the Happy Meals.


2. Kid’s wardrobe 

How often do you go into the wardrobe and find clothes that are either torn, broken, which they have outgrown, soiled or which they don’t wear. Find those clothes and put them in a bag to either toss (the broken and torn items) or donate.


3. Guest Bedroom

Do you use your guest bedroom(s) for storage? You might not have time to do a huge declutter and organize session for now, but you can certainly try removing items whilst you move them out of the way to make the room ready for your guests. If you see anything that you do not use, want or are just empty bags and boxes throw them away or donate them. Don’t keep them to decide later what to do with them. Just do it now. It will take less time.

Whilst making space in the wardrobe for your guests, remove the items that are taking up space and you don’t use. Remove anything from under the bed (it’s bad Feng Shui) and give it a good vacuum.


4. Do you need that much kitchenware?

I bet you will get annoyed whilst cooking the Christmas dinner whilst going through your kitchenware. You will find a peeler but not the one you like, or a broken Turkey baster, or chipped plates.

To save your frustration go through the kitchenware now.

  • How many crockery sets do you have. 1 practical everyday and 1 good china set is all you need. If you have mismatched crockery, get rid of them and start again. I like the neutral 360 set from IKEA. Whenever one chips, you can easily get another one.
  • You only need two sets of cutlery for the home – 1 for everyday and 1 for the fancy dinners. Why do you have 4 sets from IKEA and Home Center?
  • Serving dishes, platters and bowls – yes they look great in the kitchenware store but how often do you have dinner parties. Do you really need 10 french fries holders and tiny hors d’oeurves plates? Really? Give them to an event company that can use them more efficiently or donate them.
  • Remember you can hire plates, glasses etc if you do hold a big event at home. Save the space in your kitchen for the essential stuff.



5.  Clear the counter

In preparation for the big roast dinner preparation, clear the counters now. Move the kitchen appliances into the cupboards or if you have double or even triple the amount of coffee machines and toasters, get rid of the old ones. Throw away items on the counter that are not in use and not needed. Move the condiments into the correct space in the kitchen cupboard and clean the counter with a good amount of dettol spray.


6. Piles of Paper in the Dining Room? 

Is your dining room used as a dumping ground for paper from school, office and anywhere else? Go through them for 1 hour and use the acronymn FAT (File, Act and Toss).

Anything that needs to be filed, spend 20 minutes filing them away. Anything that needs to be actioned do it now. The rest of the paper shred or recycle.


7. Rearrange your living room

How many tv’s do you have in your living room? Do you really need two in there? Donate one to your maid or gardener and mount your tv to the wall.

Arrange the sofa set to face each other to encourage conversation rather than focus on the tv.

Finally collect all those magazines and recycle them. If you haven’t read them now, you will never read them.


It may take a bit of time to follow all of this, but doing this now will save you the stress of dealing with it on Christmas Eve, plus it is a good start to the new year. You won’t need to make a New Year Resolution to declutter as you have already done so much this year!

Let me know how you go with decluttering before the holidays!

Happy Christmas!


Shelina Jokhiya







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