Why You Should Resolve to Get Organized This Year


What was your New Year Resolution this year? To lose weight, to travel more, to be happier or to get more organized?  There are many reasons why getting organized should be your main resolution for this year.

According to one of the top organizers in the world, Peter Walsh, if you lose the clutter in your life, you can lose weight (check out his bestseller Lose Clutter, Lose the Weight if you don’t believe me).  If you are organized, you can then spend more time travelling and can even find your passport easily! And of course if you lose the clutter, you will most definitely be happy. So make your resolution for this year and every where, to get organized.

If you need any more convincing, check out this infogram which provides tips on getting organized from global professional organizers.


Get Organized 2016

(Via SpareFoot)


Although it is all well and good to say you are getting organized, committing to organizing your whole life can be ambitious and overwhelming. Instead resolve to organize one element of your life or in chunks. For example, say that you will organize wardrobe within 4 weeks or a desk drawer every day. The trick to make a resolution is to be organized and goal specific. This means that you won’t get discouraged and overwhelmed.

If you’re resolution was to get organized, but feel overwhelmed with starting the process, get in touch with me to book a session this month.


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