5 Ways to Organise Your Home After Redecorating


Every home needs a little refurbishing and revamping every once in a while. For some home owners, this is an absolute necessity – redecoration poses as a great alternative for those, who aim to introduce a bit of diversity in their daily lives. If your home has undergone a few improvements as of late, we suggest you check out our tips on how to organise your living space after redecorating is completed.


Decide on What You are to Keep

Adding new pieces of furniture and artwork is the whole point of redecorating your home. But what is to happen to the old items? It would be best to decide on the matter in advance, prior to proceeding with redecoration itself. Otherwise, once you finish revamping your living space, you will be left with plenty of clutter and useless items you have no idea what to do with. There is no need to throw away the old furniture if you have invested in a new, stylish coffee table and drapery. There are several options for you –

A. You can donate the items to a charity organisation;

B. give them to a family friend or relative and,

C. store them in your garage or attic.

Whatever you do, make sure they don’t occupy valuable space in your home.



Collect All Leftover Materials

Once you have completed redecorating and revamping your home, make sure you gather all materials and tools lying around your place. They might have been useful during renovation, but once you have finished, they no longer belong in your living room or kitchen. If there are any leftover tiles, buckets of paint and grout, you can store them in your garage until the time for your next redecoration draws near.


Dispose of the Debris

 This is probably the most unpleasant aspect of home redecoration. Once you finish, you have tons of debris and clutter to deal with. This step, however, is impossible to skip on, or at least if you want to be able to reap the benefits of revamping your living space. Begin by collecting all packaging from the floor. You can also remove the labels from new furniture. If there is any grout or plaster layered on the floors, cleaning of your carpets London says that you need first to vacuum and then mop the surface. Provided that your furniture is covered in layers of dust too, wipe it off with a damp rag to avoid breathing in the dust particles. If the windows look like a mess, give them a thorough clean.



Clean One Room at a Time

Please remember no one expects you to clean the entire post-redecoration mess in a single day. This is not only exhausting, but impossible as you will find yourself if you ever attempt it. The best option is to go through all the rooms with a notepad and a pen and take notes on the work that needs to be done in each section of your home. Write down what needs cleaning, which items you intend to keep and which belong in the garbage bin. Proper organisation will not only speed up the cleaning process, but will render it less stressful as you will know what needs to be done in each room.



Experiment with Colours and Patterns 

It all depend on what changes you have made in your home. For instance, if you have bought pastel-coloured sofas to place in your living room it would be wise to combine them with other items boasting the same colour palette. That, of course, is applicable to patterns as well. Thus, a proper combination in the aforementioned example would be gossamer curtains in light nuances to hang on the windows in your living room. If you feel like you have already spent a sufficient sum on redecoration, you can opt for a more budget-friendly alternative such as placing a large vase of pink, white and pale purple lilacs to compliment the pastel tones of your furniture.



Redecorating your living space is frequently associated with stress and gargantuan efforts. It doesn’t necessarily have to be this way.


Guest Author – Olivia Sykes


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