How to Convince your Husband you Need Help to Get Organized


You need an organizer to help you.

I can see it in the messages you send me via our contact form or on social media. I can hear it in your voice during the 20 minute consultation.

I know you don’t know where to begin and the pile of stuff just keeps getting bigger and bigger a long with your frustration and stress.

Your husband doesn’t understand why you can’t clear the clutter. He most probably asks you what you do all day (yes a lot of them have no idea how much work is involved maintaining a home). All the blogs in the world on decluttering and organizing are no good, if you can’t get out of that box which is stopping you from starting to declutter.

So let’s be frank, booking a declutter session with a professional organizer (whether DeCluttr Me or any other organizer in the world) is not cheap. The charges are not similar to the prices for maids (yep it is more than AED35) and that reality can shock you initially and your husband even more when you tell him you want to book an organizer.

So how do you convince your husband you need help to declutter and get organized? Here’s how…

  1. Appeal to his self interest – emphasis that needing a professional organizer is not just for you but for the family as a whole. Clearing a room full of clutter in one day with an organizer will mean that the kids are safe from hurting themselves with the clutter, they have more space to play and do their homework, you will have more time to focus on maintaining the home, and that it will look inviting for guests and family instead of an embarrassment.
  2. Ask him to explain his negatives – if he isn’t sold on your pitch, ask him to explain why having a professional organizer would be a bad idea. It is always more difficult to come up with a negative that will win the argument.
  3. Include him in the process – if he feels that you will throw stuff away with the organizer, invite him to be part of the process. He can work with the organizer to decide what should stay and go and build up trust with the organizer. Also the organizer may be able to convince him that those terrible pair of shoes should be donated.
  4. Show the savings – explain how you will spend less money on cleaners as there will be less area to clean with few things in the home, you won’t buy the same item over and over again as you can find everything you own easily.
  5. Start small – Start in one area where you have feel common frustrations such as the front hallway, kitchen or bedroom. It took you years to accumulate the clutter, so it will not disappear immediately, but by starting in one area, you and your family will start seeing the huge difference less clutter makes in your life.
  6. Start with yourself – You can’t change your husband and family immediately, so start with yourself. Focus on your stuff such as your wardrobe or desk. Take pictures of before and after to show the difference decluttering and organizing has made to your area.
  7. Show him testimonials and before and after pictures from the professional organizer’s website. Leave him to review the pages and to make his own decision.

There is no guarantee after trying all these steps that he will agree to you booking a professional organizer, but it may lead to him helping you to start decluttering and organizing the home.

If you do need help to convince your husband that you need to book a session with DeCluttr Me, contact me and I will chat to him about the benefits of decluttering and organizing.


Shelina Jokhiya





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