12 Ways to Simplify your Life & Make it Stress-Free


Life is complicated. You have to deal with your home life, friends, family, work, social activities and social media. Juggling all these aspects of your life can make you feel overwhelmed, stressed and inevitably make you dread dealing with them.

To help you feel less overwhelmed, here is a great infogram to help you find 12 Ways to Simplify your Life and make it stress free. First answer the questions at the start and move downwards to see how you can simplify the aspect of your life which is make you feel stressed currently.



Did you find this infogram useful for helping you to declutter your life? If yes, leave a comment below. If you need help to simplify your life at any time, contact DeCluttr Me using our contact form.


Shelina Jokhiya





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  • I love the flow chart – it makes it so easy to pinpoint where you need to start! And the tips that follow tell me what I need to do – in my case, a reminder not to say Yes to every opportunity that comes along.

    • :)… yes saying no to opportunities is difficult but i find i have to do this more and more now to find time to run my business and have a personal life. It’s difficult to get a work/life balance but saying no is a good start :).

      • You have no idea how timely this was! Since leaving this comment, I received an inquiry from someone I would love to work with, but it’s for a service I’ve chosen not to offer anymore. Thanks for the reminder.