Where Do I Start Organizing?


I often get asked this question – “where do I start organizing”. My response is, where do you feel the most pain right now? Is it your kitchen, your wardrobe, the hallway entrance to your home? Wherever you feel the most amount of stress and feel overwhelmed is where you should start.

You know where the pain is, but how do you start the process?

Starting the process is generally the same for each client, we have established the pain and priorities and then now it’s time to roll the sleeves and start decluttering and organizing based on their requirements for the future.

One client wanted to follow the KonMari method of taking out all of her clothes and putting them on her bed to organize. We did as requested and it was a horrible nightmare for her. 4 closets, 3 suitcases and various boxes of clothes went onto the bed.


Imagine looking at that and wondering where to start with the declutter and organizing.  Normally, I suggest we start with a small area in the closet, or empty a drawer and go through each one deciding what is staying or going. Instead, we took a handful of the items on the bed and the client reviewed them away from the bed. The task took longer, but with encouragement and quickly organizing what was being kept, we were able to finish the session in a day (and you can see the results in this short video).


If a client ever suggests following this method from Marie Kondo, they have to look at this mountain first. Normally they decide to take my approach of taking each area bit by bit and in small chunks. (There is a silver lining to all sessions!).

Another client, thought it would be ideal to remove everything from every cupboard in the kitchen, lay it out on the floor and then organize it. You could do that, but  you could then have a panic attack seeing everything and run out of the house crying. Instead we emptied each cupboard full of food first, decluttered a lot of old food, and then organized it. We then moved onto the crockery, cooking prep items and cutlery. In a few short hours, everything was put in like for like cupboards and drawers and we were left with a lot of empty space (to not fill up).

For each person there is a different area where they want to declutter and organize, there are different items in each room and different requirements. Starting in one area can help you see the changes sooner and create a positive impact which will spur you to start in the next area.

If you don’t know where to start organizing, contact DeCluttr Me using our contact form and let us help you start today.


Shelina Jokhiya


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