How Long Should you Keep your Make-Up & Toiletries


Often whilst working with clients, we find a massive stash of make-up. Some looks brand new, but often they look old, tired and expired. Foundation seems to be the massive right now, especially due to contouring (I still can’t master it, even after those Youtube videos!), but did you know that the liquid foundation only lasts from 6 months to a year?

Deciding what should go and what should stay can be difficult, especially as there are no expiry dates on make-up, so to help you decipher the expiry dates, here are my tips on how long you should keep your make-up and toiletries.




Perfume is a massive collector item here. As much as you might love spraying different scents on yourself, they do go off after 3 years and can start smelling funny (especially in the summer heat, when they are stored in your car), so save your embarrassment of smelling funny and declutter the bottles of perfume.

Also use your common sense whilst decluttering the items, if the powders have caked, the nail polish is separating and the lip gloss is gloopy, it’s time to let them go.

When you start using a new item, write somewhere on the item with a permanent pen the date you started using it. That way you will know when to declutter the item.

If you have a huge collection of MAC items to declutter, save 6 empty containers and return them to the store to get a free lipstick. I get my Odyssey Lipstick regularly thanks to this initiative.

If you have too much make-up and toiletries and do not know where to start with the decluttering and organizing process, contact me to book your first session today.


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