How to Curb your Shopping Habits


If you are a shopper, do you go home with bags and bags of stuff? If this is you and you do not declutter regularly, the stuff can build up until it becomes overwhelming. Also by over-shopping, it can cost you money, time, energy and happiness. To help to release these negative energy and feelings, check out my  tips on how to curb your shopping habits:

  1. Organize your wardrobe, kitchen, etc, so you can see how much you have of each item and whether you have room to put in any new items.
  2. Before you shop – whether it is in the supermarket or department store, take stock of what you have currently.
  3. What is your reason for going shopping? Do you feel lonely, stressed, have low self esteem? Think about your feelings and work on how to improve them by engaging a counsellor or taking hypnotherapy sessions.
  4. Hire a financial advisor to review your spending habits, help reduce your debt and create a shopping budget.
  5. Stop using your credit card, and pay only with cash.
  6. Track what you purchase using apps such as Stylebook and Onereceipt.
  7. Don’t buy an item when it is on sale. Ask yourself (over and over again), “why is it on sale?”. The answer is usually because nobody wanted to buy it when it first came out.
  8. When thinking of buying something question whether you have room in the home for it?
  9. Go shopping with a shopping list and only buy what is on the list.
  10. Think about how much time you spend going to the malls or shops – what does that cost in time, energy, petrol and money!
  11. If you shop regularly online, delete the apps and remove the sites from your bookmarked list, to reduce the temptation.
  12. Unsubscribe from online and store emails.
  13. Ask friends and family to go shopping with you to support you and hold you accountable.
  14. Find other activities to participate in such as sports, going to the cinema, etc to curb the time spent shopping.

Remember, to build these habits will take between 20-30 days, so keep repeating these points and you will start seeing a difference in your shopping habits and your life.

If you need help to organize your home and to curb your shopping habits, book a session with DeCluttr Me today.


Shelina Jokhiya





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