How to Organize the Colours in your Home


Often whilst working with clients, I notice the colours in certain rooms (especially in the bedrooms) and note comments from clients on how they are feeling.

If there are red walls in the bedroom there is usually too much anger or passion in the client’s life right now. I often tell them to change the room colour to blue to help bring them calmness (to help them sleep) and to ensure there are less arguments with their loved ones.  Whilst red may be bad in the bedroom, it is great for the dining room to enable a lively appetite and conversation.

Colours can affect your mood especially in your home. This handy infogram shows the best colours to put in each of your rooms at home.


The Right Paint Color for Every Room
The Right Paint Color for Every Room, courtesy of HomeAdvisor


If you have felt negative emotions in certain areas of your home, this is a great way to decide what needs to be changed in your home to change your mood. It will also help you narrow down the shades to choose when you are in the DIY store.

Let me know if this infogram helps change the mood of your home and what colours you choose.


Shelina Jokhiya






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