DeCluttering and Organizing Eyeshadows (with vlog)

I work so often with clients who have a lot of makeup and help them to decide what items need to be decluttered, donated or kept and organized properly. Whilst working with them, the lightbulb  came on for me and I realised that I should examine my eyeshadow collection. What I found was lots of eyeshadows, which were older than two years (the lifespan of powder eyeshadows, which is what I mostly own).

This new video talks about my eyeshadow cull, what I am going to do with the decluttered items and also how I am going to organize my eyeshadows moving forward.


Post filming this video, I have two bags of empty containers to donate to MAC and a reduced collection of eyeshadows (as you can see in the picture above). Whilst decluttering the collection, I also discovered I had a few old blushers as well so added them to the bags.

Should I be ashamed I had so many eyeshadows to start with? Definitely NO. I loved wearing eyeshadows and had worn most of them, but yes I should have had a declutter more often. Now I can start afresh with my reduced collection and I will have a review in 6 months time again.

If you do not know how long to keep your make-up, this blog contains all the crucial time frames.

If you have a lot of make-up and need someone independent to help you cull your collection, book a session with me today. Complete the contact form here, and I will be in touch as soon as possible.


Shelina Jokhiya





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