5 Reasons Why Professional Organizers are not the Wicked Witch



I often hear from clients that they were scared of contacting me initially. Once they have booked the session, most clients say they don’t sleep the night before as they are worrying about the session as well as meeting me and often want to cancel. It always surprises me as I’m generally not a scary person, but I guess if you have not experienced a decluttering and organizing session it can seem like you are going to be working with the Wicked Witch from OZ.

So to reassure you that professional organizers are not scary like the Wicked Witch, here are my answers to some of your fears:

“You will throw everything away”

I don’t expect you to throw everything away. How will you live if you don’t have anything in your home? Whilst working together during the session, I establish your day to day routine and determine what items you need to keep due to their function or to enhance your personal space, and what items can be decluttered. If we find unnecessary duplicates, broken items or items that no longer have a use, I will encourage you to let go of them to give you space in your home. I will also encourage you to donate, sell, or recycle items rather than throwing them in the rubbish bin.

“This must be the worse house you have seen”

What you think is terrible, is in all likelihood not bad at all. I approach entering any space in a professional manner and I will be non-judgemental (I may joke and tease you during the session and you can do the same to me; we need to laugh during the session otherwise it would be a very dull few hours). I am here to help you to get organized quickly and easily so you don’t have to worry about this moving forward. I understand that if you were doing this by yourself it would take longer as it is not your priority in life.

“You will tell everyone about myself and my cluttered home”

Everything that we discuss during our session and your home itself is kept confidential. My background as a Solicitor has stayed with me and I abide to the same rules and ethics when dealing with DeCluttr Me clients. If you allow me to, I will take discreet before and after pictures which will be published on my website  (it is a good way to remind you of how much of a difference YOU made decluttering and organizing your space.).

“You are happy when I decide to throw something out?”

I am happy that you have made a decision on what to do with the item whether you want to keep or declutter it. If you do decide to throw something out, I am happy for you as you have created more space in your life.  I will not force you to declutter anything, but will have a discussion with you if I think it may be prudent to let go of something (for example if you have 5 hair straighteners, I will discuss why you need 5 of them).

“I have to clean up before you arrive”

There is no need to clear up the clutter as we will work together to go through the items in a systematic way. We will most probably find a lot of dust and dirt when we move items from their current location, so it is a good idea to organize for a maid to clean the area post decluttering and organizing.


If I have alleviated your fears about working with a professional organizer and you need help to get organized, get in touch using this contact form.


Shelina Jokhiya





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