How to Fold your Clothes Properly


How often do you find that you have no room in your wardrobe as you are cramming your clothes into a small space? Do you get frustrated by the lack of space and end up buying more furniture to store your clothes?  If this is your situation currently, maybe you need to change how you fold your clothes. Often by folding your clothes (rather than throwing them into the space or hanging them), you can increase the space in your wardrobe and also find your clothes neatly and with less creases in them.

This brilliant infogram from Home Advisor, provides simple methods to fold seven types of clothes.




Except for the dresses, I use the same method to fold all of my clothes and clothes for my clients.  If you do not own dungarees, you can use the same principle for jump suits ;).

Try out these methods to fold your clothes and let me know if you gain more space and can see your clothes easily.

If you need help to organize your clothes post folding, contact me at any time to make a booking.


Shelina Jokhiya






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