12 Ways Clutter is Ruining your Life



How often do you feel anxiety or stress in your life and career, clash with your friends and family members and feel your wallet being drained? If you have this feeling often, could it be due to the clutter in your life?

This clutter infogram from Makespace lists 12 Ways Clutter could be ruining your life. Have a look…




Do you agree with some or all of these statements?

If yes, don’t stress, here are some tips to help you start living an uncluttered life:

a. Get a box or cloth bag and leave it next to your wardrobe. Everytime you look inside your wardrobe, take one thing out which does not fit, you do not like, is broken or has been used to the point of being threadbare. Once this box/bag is filled up, empty the contents in a donation bin.

b. Review one cupboard at a time for half an hour. If it is in the kitchen, take out the items that have expired, you will never consume, do not use or like. Once the items are out of your cupboard, organize similar items together.

c. When checking emails or paperwork, use the acronym – FAT  (File, Act or Toss) – with each item decide if you can file it straight away, act on it (whether replying to the email or forwarding it to someone else to do deal with it) or toss it in the digital or physical bin.

d. Don’t buy anything unless you know you have space for it at home. If you think you may have it already, wait. Yes – WAIT. Check when you get home. If you don’t have it and still need it, buy the item next time you are shopping or online.

e.  If you do buy anything, you must take out TWO items to donate, throw away or recycle. Remember 1 in, 2 out.

If you feel overwhelmed with the clutter in your life and feel like it is ruining your life, contact me using the contact form and we can set a time to discuss how we can help you start living an uncluttered, stress-free life.


Shelina Jokhiya






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