How to Get Organized for your next Long-Haul Flight


Living in this region we are lucky to be able to fly to so many parts of the world easily. Whether you want to go East towards Asia and Australasia or West to Europe and the Americas; we have unlimited choice of destinations and flights.

The only problem is the long-haul flight to the destination.

It is all well and good to go to these exotic destinations, but we still have to endure the 6+ hour flight to get there.

I have previously provided a list of what I take in my hand luggage when flying, including my pashmina shawl and toiletries to enable me to freshen up before we land. I also swear by my noise cancelling headphones. As soon as I am in my seat, I plug in and start watching a movie (thank you Emirates! now if only some other airlines would start their entertainment before we are up in the sky…). There are rules currently regarding noise cancelling headphones, so check before you fly whether you can take them as hand luggage to your destination (especially if flying to the USA).

This very useful infogram from lists various items to take with you to make your long-haul flight more enjoyable.





As well as the rules on flying with noise cancelling headphones, there are also rules on carrying your tablet or laptop onto the plane. Due to the pain involved,  I have reverted to buying paperback books to read on the plane. It is nice to go back to being “old school” even if it is for a few hours. If you do not have a good entertainment system on the plane (check on the airline’s website to see what facilities they advise they have on their flights), then you can download movies and tv programmes onto your tablet to watch for a few hours.

The warm socks are a must nowadays as they like putting the planes on freezing mode (and airlines are saving costs by not providing socks anymore!).

Drink as much water as you can during the flight. I tend to buy a 1 litre bottle from the airport shop before getting on the plane, as it can be difficult to get enough water when up in the air.

The rest of the tips are self explanatory and so true. What tips do you have for travelling long-haul flights? I would love to hear what you swear helps you get through long-haul flights as painlessly as possible.

If you are flying soon, have a safe flight!


Shelina Jokhiya





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