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I have always been fascinated by Feng Shui and how it can help to clear the stagnant energy in your home and life. When clearing the physical clutter whether in my life or for a client, I have seen how quickly the energy flow within the space changes from miserable and depressing to relief and happiness. However, there is often that feeling of stagnant vibrant energy still in the area. That is where Feng Shui comes in to help remove the negative vibrant energy.

Despite living in a clutter free home (did you expect anything else?), I felt that the flow of energy in certain areas of my home was heavy. I knew that Feng Shui could possibly help me alleviate the issue, so decided to try out one of our Feng Shui Preferred Partners.


Natural Healing Home, owned by Manisha Dutta, specialises in Classical Chinese Feng Shui, which is also known as Flying Star School.  The Flying Star School believes that there are nine stars, each of which has a specific energy and effect on us – some good and some not so much.  Every area we live and work has stars within it, but the right stars might not fall in the right place; and sometimes the wrong stars fall in the important areas such as your office or bedroom.   If the wrong stars are in place, cures can be placed in the area to reduce the negative energy.

When this was explained to me by Manisha, I knew that I had to try this out and see if the energy in my home could be improved.

To start, Manisha requested for a floor plan of my home and building as well as the “date of birth of the building”, ie: when construction finished on the building and also when people started living in it (sometimes those dates are not the same). I had the floor plans, but had to Google information on my building. Luckily it is a relatively new building owned by one of the big developers in Dubai, so it was a relatively quick process to find all the information required by Manisha. This might be a more difficult process if you are living in an older building, but you may be able to obtain the information from the Land Department/Registry.

She took a few days to analyse the floor plan and produce her report. Once completed, we set a date for Manisha to come and explain her report and what was needed to cure various parts of my home. The review itself was over 6 pages of easy to read points on my home layout currently, with regards to Feng Shui, and what was needed to cure certain areas including my dining area and office. During the hour, Manisha was thorough in her explanation of which stars fell in which areas of my home, what the stars meant, what cures were required and what items I owned currently and which would need to be bought to be used as cures.

I am not a fan of buying things unless I really really require them; I prefer to see what I have and whether that can be used (the issues of being a professional  declutterer). Manisha encouraged me to use items I owned as cures and only buy when required, which was was refreshing. I know from past experience that there are companies that are driven by their desire for you to buy their items to use as cures.

One of the cures was to use a water fountain; I had a water fountain which was used by my cats for drinking their water, so it was moved into it’s new position immediately.   Another cure required was a round metal object. I could have bought a Wu lou gourd (round metal object), but already owned a round metal ornamental plate, which she thought would be perfect for the area. It seems I have some Feng Shui in me already!




There were two items that I definitely did not own which I purchased from the Natural Healing Home shop –  the Feng Shui cat (used to activate an area so you can get the benefit of the energies from the star that falls in that location) and also the chinese coins for the Salt Water Cure:






A few items were purchased from IKEA to complete the list of cures required – two red candles, two white furry mats (they were a funny round shape, and perfect as a cure) and bowls (I found them in the candle area) to hold the Salt Water Cure.

So what was the end result? It has been a few weeks and so far I have felt a lightness in the areas of my home where there was heaviness before. I reorganized my home resulting in even more clearer spaces. I had wanted to improve my wealth and relationships using the Feng Shui principles – those two items may take a few more weeks to manifest, but I’m feeling positive they will improve significantly soon!

If you would like to find out more about Natural Healing Home, click here to find out more and their contact details. If you would like to become a Decluttr Me Preferred Partner or can recommend a company that would be perfect for the DeCluttr Me followers and clients, let me know by completing the form here.


Shelina Jokhiya






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