Using the Mantra FAT for your Emails


This week, we have a guest blog from the brilliant clever and funny Alice Linley-Munroe. How many of you have come back from holiday or even a weekend away (like she did) and had a panic attack seeing the number of emails in your inbox? Alice mentioned she was in panic attack mode, so I gave her my favourite tip to try and clear the emails; I’ll let her tell you the rest…

My inbox was at the stage where every time I opened it my heart sank. New emails were piling in on top of old at an alarming rate and I couldn’t see the wood for the trees. I was startled by the amount of times I had said “I know it’s somewhere in my inbox, but I just can’t find it” and had to ask for it to be re-sent, thus adding yet another email to the pile. I reached breaking point with 656 emails sat clogging up my screen and knew I had to sit down and crack through them.

Shelina gave me the mantra of “FAT” and for once, as I mulled it over that night in front of my laptop my brain wasn’t equating that word with the size of my bottom. File. Action. Trash. I said it over and over as I tackled my own personal Everest and with glee I noticed the number steadily tick down as I filed, or actioned, or with a big grin hit “TRASH” on those emails that were nothing to do with me all along.

It took an hour and a half of repeating my mantra but then I hit that magic moment. Inbox zero! I even snapped a screenshot of joy to prove that yes, I HAD done it. It’s almost a week since I got that magical zero and whilst I do now have a handful of emails (twelve! Only a small pinch!) in my inbox it’s because I’m waiting on responses having “A” actioned them. It’s such a simple little mantra but it’s making such a difference.

My email pings and I hear Shelina in my head so rather than glancing and ignoring I now spring into gear like an email ninja. Now I’ve got my brown belt in email mastery I think it might be time to F.A.T my way to a black belt… my personal emails that number into the thousands?

*Karate chop*


Alice Linley-Munro is a self confessed hoarder with too many emails, books, clothes, and thoughts pinging round in her brain. She is a new disciple to the Decluttr Me family and is looking forward to making room to move in her flat.



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