6 Quick Organizing Tips to Start Today

If your schedule is always full and you don’t have more than ten minutes to organize your life, check out these tips to help you get organized. Whenever you have ten minutes spare, do one of these six tasks and you will start feeling more together, less stressed and organized:


1.  Make your Bed

This might seem either daunting or obvious. But making your bed will mean you leave an organized room and come back to a calm organized bed at night.


2.  Keep a Basket next to Your Closet

Every time you open your wardrobe take out an item you do not wear, does not fit, is broken (and you are never going to fix it – see below) or is just plain ugly and put it into a specific basket. Once fill, organize for the clothes to be donated or sold.



3.  Gather the broken clothes

Gather all the items that need fixing (missing buttons, minor tears, too long, etc) and either fix it yourself or put them in a nice carrier bag to take to the tailors. Better still call the tailor to come and collect them from your home within the next hour.



4.  Sort out those heels

Check the heels and soles of your shoes. If any can be fixed put them in a carrier bag and put the bag in your car. Next time you pass a cobbler hand it to them to fix. If they are unfixable, put them in the recycle bin.



5. Review your toiletries

Most toiletries and medicine have expiry dates on them. Review the expiry dates of the items in your cabinet every 6 months and dispose of the expired items safely. If the toiletries were used once and have not expired, donate it to your maid, friend or family member. They might find a use for the item.



6. Organize your bedsheets

This trick is courtesy of Martha Stewart. Tuck a complete duvet set inside one of its pillowcases, and then stack according to size (twin, full, queen, king) .





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