Ensure your Next Home Move Stays Stress Free


Moving homes is always a stressful event – from dealing with the real estate agents, the Land Department, utility companies, buying furniture,  booking a removal company that won’t break your items and also deciding what stuff in your home is clutter and not clutter.

Just reading this list may have brought you out in a cold sweat.

After helping several clients with their move,  I wanted to share the DeCluttr Me process for moving homes stress free whether it be locally or internationally to help stop the cold sweats!

Reduce your stuff

It sounds obvious but how often do you think about purging your stuff before you move, and then become overwhelmed looking at the stuff in each room. Working together we go through the items in each room, to declutter what is not required in the new home.

The aim is to remove items that you don’t need, don’t use or won’t fit in your new home. The main areas my clients tend to declutter are in their store rooms, garage, the kid’s old toys and clothes. It is also a good time to upgrade your furniture, whether it be the beds in your kid’s room or the cooker that won’t fit in your new place.

If you have unopened moving boxes from the last few moves, in all likelihood the items in those boxes are not required in your life and can be given for donation, recycled or thrown away.


Moving to Multiple Locations

If the items from one home are going to multiple locations, such as half to your local home and the other half to your international home (say in France), we can arrange for the local move as well as the storage and shipping of items to your international home . We just need you to advise which items are going to which location and we will do the rest.

This type of situation arises often for couples who are looking to retire in the next few years. The children have left the home, the villa is too big for their needs, so they want to downgrade to an apartment and then move to their retirement home in the next 1 to 2 years.


Buy the curtains/blinds and new furniture. 

If you are unable to purchase the curtains/blinds from the previous tenant or want to buy new ones, we can suggest where to buy them and also advise on furniture and electrical items you will need for your home.

If you do not want to be involved in this process, let us know your budget, your preferences and we will purchase these items for you.  We will also arrange for the delivery and installation of these items in your new home (see below – regarding your keys)


Leave a Spare Set of Keys with us for each Home

It may sound strange, but from this moment onwards, the responsibility for moving your items is with DeCluttr Me. You can go to work, go on holiday or just sit at home and watch tv and we will get on with the move.

First we will obtain quotations from removal companies to move items from one home to another.  Once finalised, we will set the move date with you and the removal company as well as with the developers if they require permission to move in and out of the homes. Any new furniture and items will be delivered to your home without you having to worry about being at home at a set time and date.

All I ask if that you keep your valuable items including jewellery and passports and other important paperwork with you or in a safe place for the duration of the move process.


Move Day(s)

On move day, we co-ordinate with the selected removal company to pack and move your items carefully and correctly. Once at the new home, we will ensure the unpacking is completed in a logical manner, and organize your belongings into the right areas of your home.

Once the move is completed, we will hand back your keys and you will be ready to live in your organized new home.


If you are moving soon and want to eliminate the stress of moving from your life, contact us by filling in this form and we will make a booking to help you as quickly and as effortlessly as possible.


Shelina Jokhiya






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