How to Protect your Confidential Information

In this blog, we are highlighting how to protect your confidential information and what you can do to prevent a data breach of this information with one of our Preferred Partners, Shred-It.

Shred-It have been our go-to company for years, helping us to deal with our client’s confidential information. Here is some information on what they do and how they can help you keep information secure in your office:

The risk of a data breach has never been higher or costlier in terms of fines for non-compliance, lost business and reputation, and legal costs. Today, all organisations must protect confidential information in their keeping, whether data is on paper or hard drives, or it originates inside the organisation (employee records, company financials) or outside (customer information, patient records). The good news is, some of the simplest ways to improve data security also keep your office clean and clutter free too. Studies have shown that an organised workspace can boost productivity and motivation amongst employees.

This quick video explains Shred-it’s information security solutions (which have the added benefit of keeping your workplace tidy).

Designed to protect the entire workplace, beginning with a security risk assessment, Shred-it’s services include:

  • Data Security Survey of your workplace;
  • Secure chain of custody processes
  • Tailored on site or off site shredding programme for your business’ needs
  • Shredded paper recycling programme

If you would like to use Shred-It’s services, you can find all their details by clicking here.


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