The 2 for 1 Rule for your Clothes


How often do you go shopping and come home with clothes, accessories… stuff and then find you don’t have a place for the new stuff?


You open your wardrobe and find you don’t have any spare hangers to hang the new clothes?


There is no space in the cupboards to store your shoes, scarves and accessories?


Your make-up box is so full that you can’t close it, let alone put new items in it.


How can you resolve this issue?


Simple – follow the DeCluttr Me rule:


Buy 1, Remove 2 Items


Yes, I said 2.


Yes, I know you bought 10 items on sale,  but now find 20 things in your home to declutter.  It doesn’t have to be like for like. Just because you bought 10 dresses, you don’t have to get rid of 20 dresses (although that might not be a bad idea, to enable you to put those new dresses in your wardrobe).


To prepare for future shoping expeditions, I have a basket hidden in a wardrobe which I fill with clothes I no longer like, don’t fit me, are plain ugly or have never been worn. When it is full I donate the items or sell them (if they are very good quality). By doing this, I am abiding my rule in advance.



You can use this rule for anything and everything. Shoes, electronic devices, magazines, food, pens… anything in your home. Have a basket in your lounge for storing decluttered items. When full donate the items to your maid or to a charity.


If you bring anything new into your home you should have 1 less item in your space by the end of the day.


Try this rule today and let me know how it goes.


Shelina Jokhiya








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