How to Clear the Mental Clutter Post Organizing



The process of decluttering and organizing is psychologically and mentally tiring, especially when you work in an area for a few hours or days (even with a professional organizer like DeCluttr Me). I always warn clients that they will be exhausted by the end of the session, and to do one of these three activities (or all three if they are feeling brave): have a long bath, big glass of something with grape in it or if you do not drink eat lots of yummy food (normally with chocolate included) to decompress from the day.

a. have a long bath;

b. drink a big glass of something with grape in it; or

c. if you do not drink eat lots of yummy food (normally with chocolate included) to decompress from the day.

The next day you feel lighter in your home, but you may still feel there is a clutter cloud above you (this time a mental one).  This might come as a shock to you. You thought that because you had removed the physical clutter, you would feel as light as a feather, didn’t you?

You know why?

It’s because you still have those negative emotions associated with your physical clutter still in you. As well you may have mental clutter within you which is not fully associated with the physical clutter.  Just as clutter took time to build up within you, it will take time to remove them completely from your soul.

There are ways to help you clear these negative emotions so that you are able to clear the mental clutter. These are my favourite methods:


  1. Go for a relaxing manicure and pedicure – whether you go alone or with friends, go to one of those purpose-built nail salons, sit in the comfortable chairs and let the ladies pamper your hands and feet for the hour. If you are feeling extra stressed, ask for a head and shoulder massage as well.
  2. Go full body – if you feel stressed throughout your body, book for full body massage in one of the hotel spas. There are offers regularly by the hotels, in Groupon/Cobone or in the Entertainer (my favourite way to save money). If you use the offers, you can take a friend or your partner with you so you can both enjoy the spa.
  3. Throw a party – celebrate decluttering and organizing your home with a party! Your home looks amazing, why not show it off to your friends. To ensure you have a stress free party, book for catering staff to provide the food, service and clear up so you don’t have to worry about it the next day.
  4. Volunteer your time – it’s great to help others, but also to connect with other like-minded people. I volunteer during Ramadan to help poor children go Eid shopping for clothes. It is so much fun to a) go shopping and b) to see these little kids eyes light up with joy with their gifts. I also love helping ad hoc when there is a charitable event in my area. Find a charity or event that aligns with your values and register to volunteer with them.
  5. Say no – If you were stressed from always being busy and never having time for yourself, say no to invitations. Take time to do nothing. Yes, do nothing, just breathe, relax and meditate.
  6. Travel somewhere, anywhere – did you make money from selling some of your decluttered items? If yes, take that money and book a few nights away even if it is a staycation. Spend time away from your normal life and relax in a nice cosy environment (unless you decide to do something like hiking up a mountain to relax!).


Just as I advise you to build the habit of organizing post declutter, build the habit of relaxing every day. Whether it is a few minutes of meditation or a few days or travelling, find ways to stop the clutter cloud building in you again.


Shelina Jokhiya






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