Decluttering before your Move


It’s that time in your life where you have to move – whether it is because your lease is up in your flat, you have bought a new villa, decided to downsize or move country.

The paperwork has been signed and now you have to deal with the actual move.

If you are like most people you are probably looking around your home feeling frustrated and exasperated by the amount of stuff in each room. You don’t know where to start and you’re wondering if you can just throw the stuff in the moving boxes and hide them for a while… or forever.

To help you erase those thoughts out of your head, here are my tips on how to declutter your stuff, to ensure you have a pared down, stress-less, organized move to your new home.


Start Now!

Packing all your stuff and arranging for the move will take a lot of your time, so start now on the decluttering. By decluttering now, you will take less boxes to your new home – which means paying less to the movers and unpacking less in your new place.

So you get to save time, money and reduce your stress on move day!


Create Five Options

When decluttering create five options: keep, donate, sell, recycle or throw.

Any items that are broken, torn, stained or just plain horrible should be thrown.

Any items with recyclable material, should go in the recycle bin or contact a service like Enviroserve to collect all the items that need recycling.

Clothes, books, music, kitchen supplies, knick-knacks, etc can go in the donation pile. If the pile is big enough you can call the big charities to come and pick up the items. Another option is to give the stuff for free using a platform, such as Free Me.

If you have high-value items such as designer clothes and electronics consider selling them using online platforms such as Luxury Closet, eBay and Dubbizle.


Choose an Option

When considering whether to remove the items from your life consider:

a. do you use it?

b. does it fit you?

c. do you love it?

d. do you need it?

If you answer no to any of the questions above, put it in the donation pile.


Be Methodical

Pick a room. Any room.

Then pick an area in the room – say a section in your wardrobe, a drawer, the coffee table.

Systematically go through the belongings in that area. Anything that you are keeping organize them properly back in the space. Put all the like for like items together.

By organizing now, when the movers come to pack the items and unpack them, there will be some semblance of order in your new home.

By being methodical, you will avoid feeling overwhelmed and you can stop at any time with your place largely intact.


Book a Professional Organiser

If that all sounds too daunting and time is pressing, book a day session with a professional organizer to help you declutter the key areas of your home such as the bedroom, kitchen, and lounge.

If you are moving soon and need help to declutter prior to the move, contact DeCluttr Me using the contact form, and we will book a session before your move.


Shelina Jokhiya






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