Decluttr Me’s Definitive Tips to Get Organised


I have a few tips and tricks, which I share with my clients on a regular basis to help them keep the clutter at bay and to stay organised once I have left their home.

These tips are not rocket science, but once they are used regularly, they will start becoming a habit in your life and eventually become second nature.

To help you start building the habit of getting organised in the new year, I wanted to share my favourite tips with you here:

  1. Buy 1 get rid of 2 – yes you heard right. If you buy one thing, get rid of 2 items (preferably from the same area). By getting rid of 2 items, you are automatically freeing more space in your life and your cupboards.
  2. FAT your emails – FAT is an acronym I love using on a regular basis when dealing with emails and mail. When an email comes into your inbox you should do one of the following:
    • File – if the email is just for reference, file the email away straight away into one of your designated folders.
    • Act – do you have to reply to the email, add a meeting request to your calendar, delegate it to another person? If yes, act on it immediately and then either File it or Trash it.
    • Trash – when it comes in, if the email is not needed in your inbox or folders, delete it immediately. If it is spam, first click on unsubscribe and then delete it. By unsubscribing to emails that you do not want to receive again, you will start reducing the number of unnecessary emails coming into your life.
  1. Have a place for everything – Everything you own, must have a place for it in your home, whether it is in your wardrobe, your kitchen cupboard, on your desk, etc. If there is anything lying around which is not in a proper designated place (no clothes thrown on a chair is not a designated place), then it is time to make a place for it or to declutter it.
  2. Take seconds – When organizing your stuff, remember it should take you SECONDS to locate anything you are looking to use. If it takes longer, then you need to change the system in that place.
  3. Keep it simple – It is all well and good to follow YouTube videos on creating fancy systems, reading books on magical organizing and attending seminars when people try to sell you organising gadgets. However, if you are not naturally organized, these complicated fancy systems will overwhelm you within a few days and you won’t be able to maintain the system; plus those organising gadgets will just become clutter. When organising, keep the system you are creating simple and easy to maintain.


Keep following these tips every day, every week, until it has become a habit. It usually takes about 20 days to build a habit, but give it a month to fully get the organised habit.

If you need help to start the process to declutter the excess in your life and start living with simple, organized systems, get in touch with me today to book your session.


Shelina Jokhiya






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