The Decluttr Me Update for 2017 & 2018


As we are coming to the end of the year, I wanted to brief you on my 2017 and also give a few updates on 2018.

This year has been awesome for DeCluttr Me; we helped more and more people to declutter and organise their lives and also helped previous clients update their homes.

1.  Helping a relocation company – Bluecherry Me run by the lovely Diane Harkins – with unpacking and organising household items for a family moving into a villa in Dubai from abroad. My role in this massive project was to make sure all the pieces were safely unpacked and stored in an organised manner in their new home. All the client needed to do was fly in and move into their new home as if they had always lived there!

If you are relocating in 2018, here are my Four Relocating DeCluttering Tips and also tips for Decluttering and Organising your Expat Move.

2. I also helped clients with unpacking locally during the year. A lot of moving companies left the moving boxes unpacked, which resulted in the homeowners feeling overwhelmed and not knowing where to begin.  In this case, the homeowners either they left me the key or worked with me to unpacked the items and stored them in an organised manner.

If you would like some help with your move, check out my blog from this year on Decluttering Before your Move

3. Another big project that I have been working on has been to help a family who are limited in time, to declutter and organise their home as well as buy items such as office chairs, door knobs, new dinnerware and cutlery for the staff and also book services such as a handyman, deep cleaning service for the kitchen and recycling services. Such is the relationship now, that they have allowed me to carry on with the work required for their home whilst they go on holiday. In a way, I have become an organised project manager which has been great fun.

4. A few clients have asked me to help for half a day to declutter rooms and garages that have become storage rooms for clutter (check out the before and after pictures below). In a short time, we were able to make room for cars, visiting family members or turn the room into a functioning space.









5. I started the“DeCluttering Coaching” sessions for a few clients this year. The sessions were tailor-made for each client, focusing on helping them to get organised digitally to help them run their lives more productively. If you want to find out more about these sessions, please do get in touch with me. They are especially useful for Small Business Owners who are getting overwhelmed with the admin in their lives.

6. Free Me United Arab Emirates was formed this year to help clients and DeCluttr Me followers to give away items for free. From beds, baskets and toys, this platform on Facebook has been a helpful resource to freecycle items instead of filling them in the landmine. Click on the link to join the group today.

7. Have you checked out our Preferred Partners yet? This new initiative includes companies I have tried and tested and think can help you to stay organised, decluttered and productive in your day to day life. Find out more here.

8. Finally, a lot of the sessions booked this year focused on decluttering and organising bedrooms, wardrobes and walk-in closets. From helping to organise clothes in newly built closets to decluttering and organising them so that the clients could actually see their stuff, this year was all about these areas. I also helped previous clients to refresh their closets to make room for their new purchases. The picture below is from one of my favourite closets (and client)!

One of my major tips to use to keep organised was the 2-4-1 rule, you can read about it in this blog post from this year. You can also read my favourite and tips and tricks here

I also had the chance to speak at various companies such as Expo 2020, Dubai Health Authority Event in October and also at the Women SME 2017 event.

It’s been a busy year, but really rewarding, fun and exciting.

If you have used my services, thank you for booking with me and I hope you have loved the experience. If you enjoyed the session, I would be grateful if you could spread the word and send me a testimonial when you have a moment.  Also, if you ever recommend me to any of your friends or family, tell them to mention your name.  For every referral given and converted into a client, you will receive AED 100 off your next booking (*subject to terms and conditions)!

Now moving onto 2018…

You are most probably sick of hearing about VAT which is coming into force on 1 January 2018; however, I have to advise that DeCluttr Me will be charging VAT for all the services and goods sold moving forward.  There is good news if you are a returning client, instead of 5% you will get an 8% discount (as it is 2018) off your bill for any half day and one-day packages (*subject to terms and conditions).

I have decluttered my packages and create two packages for decluttering and organising clients – Half Day Package (up to 4 hours) and the Full Day Package (up to 8 hours). If you would like to book either package, please reply to this email or fill in the contact form here.

We will be selling more items in the DeCluttr Me Shop during the year. For now, you can buy the gorgeous spice labels and Family Organiser from 3S in the DeCluttr Me Shop to get organised in the new year.

A lot of clients and followers have asked for velvet hangers, so we will be selling them from the start of January.  If there are any other items you think should be sold to help you and others get organised let me know at any time.

I hope you enjoyed reading this update blog and thank you once again for following DeCluttr Me’s journey this year! Special thanks again if you have used my services this year, it has been an absolute privilege to help you and your household get organised.

Happy New Year.
May 2018 be positive, decluttered and organised for you all.

Best wishes