Clutter – The Energy Drainer


How do you feel when you look at too much stuff around you? Do you feel stressed looking at that pile of paper near the front door? How about the clothes in your wardrobe – can you even see all of your clothes?

How about when you look at this picture –

  • Do you feel your heart rate going higher thinking about your stuff?
  • Feeling a sweat?
  • How about a twitchy eye or even worse a headache?
  • For some people looking at the clutter surrounding them right now, they may feel stress, anxiety or even depressed.

If you are looking at your stuff and feeling negative emotions, you are surrounded currently by the Energy Drainer

Imagine if you had no clutter, how you would feel?

You would in all likelihood have the opposite effect – feel light, have more energy and dare I say it… feel peaceful.

Holding onto stuff leads to you holding stagnant energy in your home, office, and life. The more you accumulate, the harder it is to wade through it and see the light.

There are many reasons that clutter is held by clients and people in general – usually there is an emotional or psychological attachment related to the item. Getting rid of the clutter can bring up guilt, anxiety, but have a proper look at the item:

  • do you use it?
  • do you like it?
  • is it fit for its purpose?
  • is it within the expiration date?
  • does it fit in your space?

If you answered no to these questions, then it is time to remove it from your life. Why keep something you feel negative about in your life? Also if you have a picture of the item say a dress you wore to a wedding, treasure that picture and declutter the dress that doesn’t fit anymore.

I often have clients tell me that they started clearing their clutter, but felt lethargic and drained after a few minutes or hours of going through their stuff. It felt like they were getting nowhere and finding more clutter.

If you still feel that you cannot see the light through the jungle of clutter, and feel drained, hire a professional organiser like DeCluttr Me.  Like using a plumber to undrain the blockage in the pipes, a professional organiser unblocks the clutter blockage and can separate the clutter and the gold to make it easier to have an organised home.


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Shelina Jokhiya





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