A little about me: I was born and raised in Kent, England and moved to Dubai in 2005 to start my life here. My family are originally Indian but my parents were born and raised in Kenya and Uganda which gives me a bit of a twist (especially when it comes to our food!).


My background is working as an in-house Solicitor for large corporations in London and Dubai, including Emirates and Bertelsmann. My focus was predominately on Compliance, Company Secretarial, Intellectual Property and general Corporate law, which allowed me to use my skills in organization, negotiation and presenting, always with a high attention to detail, to ensure each company was legally compliant at all times.


Over the years I’ve developed a passion for organizing and decluttering in the home and office. It is something I have done over the years for friends and family. I also re-organised each companies legal department to create manageable organization systems, which could be used after I left the company. Living with 2 cats, it is not possible for me live in a minimalist, ordered environment; it is a home with my things and my personality. However, I do have major declutter session in order to gain more space and reduce the possessions I may gain over the year.


Working with you, I will give focused, calm and practical advice, helping you achieve the correct organization balance and clutter free space for your needs. You are the decision maker and you are never encouraged to lose anything you truly value. Everybody has different taste and this is respected. I understand that keeping on top of the clutter is a constant process for everyone, and understand the psychological and emotional needs we all have in keeping possession and the difficult process of letting go. With a sensitive approach and discreet manner, I will help you set up systems that are individually tailored to your needs.


Once you are organized, you will no longer buy several packets of sugar or two tubes of mascara. You, your household and your staff will be able to find your stuff quickly, easily and stress free. My aim is for you to enjoy the experience and gain the emotional and physical benefits of organizing your space; just as I do in my home.


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