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The Definition of Clutter


  Clutter is “a confusing or disorderly state or collection and possible symptom of compulsive hoarding” – Wikipedia   Clutter is different for everyone. What may be one person’s treasure might be a pile of junk to another. Clutter to me is: anything that doesn’t have a place to live. anything that is broken or needs repairing. anything that no longer has a use or serves its purpose (like clothes, relationships, habits or negative thoughts). anything that messy or unclean. anything overwhelming or disorganized. anything that is overflowing or feeling stuffed. anything that causes confusion. When you look at your Read More

Why Multitasking won’t make you Productive


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Do I have to throw away everything?



“Do I have to throw away everything”?

I get asked that everytime I speak to someone interested in using my services.

The simple answer is always “No”.

If we threw away everything there would be nothing left for me to organize; and as you may gather, I like organizing items and creating systems, and most importantly using my super duper label machine.


160812 brother label machine



The whole point of engaging a Professional Organizer, is to help you get rid of the things that are taking up space in your life – the clutter. You don’t need 200 pairs of jean shorts, 5 rolls of cellophane wrap,  300 pairs of shoes and definitely not 2 lawn mowers (especially if one is broken) (*all of these examples are true stories by the way).

No justification, argument, or crying can ever justify having that much stuff. Consider whether your will ever have time to wear all of the items of clothes in your wardrobe, unless you wore them every day for the rest of your life (and didn’t buy anything else).

What you need in your life are things that you love using, are used regularly and are not broken. So together I help clients to get rid of items they dislike, are broken, do not fit and have gone way past their use by date (2009 is too old). We work together so that you know what you are throwing away or donating and we can then organize what is left into proper systems so you can find everything easily.

I also like repurposing certain such as pretty jars and tins so they be used for a new purpose, rather than throwing them away. For example, I love using old jars to store flowers to make my home have a slight rustic feel.




But of course you only need to keep a few jars – 5 is usually my limit, anything more starts becoming clutter.

If you have no use for the jars and tins in your life at that moment, recycle them. There will always be another jar that will come into your life in future.

The same logic can be applied for paper carrier bags from designer stores. Yes they are lovely but do you need to keep 50 bags in a cupboard. Do you say that you will use the bags to hold presents for friends and family, but always forget to use them? Did you say yes under your breath, then it is time to get rid of them. If you love the bags so much, frame them and hang them on your wall.

So in answer to the original questions, you don’t have to throw everything away when alone or working with a professional organizer like DeCluttr Me, but always use my mantra:

“If you don’t use it for 3 months (or 6 months if I am in a generous mood) then throw it away”.  (*There are exceptions to the rules like ballgowns which can only be worn once a year or so).

Hope you found this blog helpful! If yes, leave a comment below.



Shelina Jokhiya






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