Liven up your Lingerie drawer


  Start by emptying your lingerie drawer(s) and sort your items into keep, donate (TKD accept gently used items for recycling and rehoming) or throw piles. This should be a fairly straightforward process – cull anything that looks faded, stretched, frayed, shapeless, doesn’t fit or hasn’t been worn in the last year.   Next separate your underwear into bras and knickers. Depending on how many items you have, you may want to further sub-divide those items into those you consider everyday essentials and those that are for special outfits or occasions. If you have an extensive collection of underwear, you Read More

The 2 for 1 Rule for your Clothes


  How often do you go shopping and come home with clothes, accessories… stuff and then find you don’t have a place for the new stuff?   You open your wardrobe and find you don’t have any spare hangers to hang the new clothes?   There is no space in the cupboards to store your shoes, scarves and accessories?   Your make-up box is so full that you can’t close it, let alone put new items in it.   How can you resolve this issue?   Simple – follow the DeCluttr Me rule:   Buy 1, Remove 2 Items   Read More

Are the Best Things in Life Free?


  I love that song by Janet Jackson where she sings that the best things in life are free.   But… are they really?   Let’s look at some free things in our life and see if they are the best thing for us:   Free gifts with a purchase I saw a fast food restaurant had resurrected the free glass with every burger purchase. The glasses are lovely colours and big enough to hold your daily amount of water, but do you really need it? How many glasses do you have in your cupboard currently?   Just because it Read More

How to Organise your Shoes


We all know that having more than 5 pairs of shoes can result in your shoe area looking cluttered.  It is not easy to organise your shoes unless you have proper organisation systems in place to store them. If you are like me, you will have a few pairs of heels (in various inches), flats, flip flops, sandals, trainers, loafers and of course the boots which are worn for a few short weeks on holiday once a year.   So which system is best for you?  To help you organise them easily here are my favourite storage solutions and ideas Read More

Ensure your Next Home Move Stays Stress Free


  Moving homes is always a stressful event – from dealing with the real estate agents, the Land Department, utility companies, buying furniture,  booking a removal company that won’t break your items and also deciding what stuff in your home is clutter and not clutter. Just reading this list may have brought you out in a cold sweat. After helping several clients with their move,  I wanted to share the DeCluttr Me process for moving homes stress free whether it be locally or internationally to help stop the cold sweats! Reduce your stuff It sounds obvious but how often do Read More

6 Quick Organizing Tips to Start Today


If your schedule is always full and you don’t have more than ten minutes to organize your life, check out these tips to help you get organized. Whenever you have ten minutes spare, do one of these six tasks and you will start feeling more together, less stressed and organized:   1.  Make your Bed   2.  Keep a Basket next to Your Closet     3.  Gather the broken clothes     4.  Sort out those heels     5. Review your toiletries     6. Organize your bedsheets         © 2013-present Decluttr Me | All Read More

How to Prepare for an Emergency


  The recent fire in Grenfell Tower in London was a sad and traumatising event for the residents. A few were able to leave and take some possessions with them, but others were left with nothing, but their night clothes on. My prayers are with the residents and their loved ones during this time. This is not the first tower fire we have witnessed, there have been several in Dubai in the last few years, and we cannot say for sure that there won’t be more in the future (until the cladding is removed off these buildings).  These types of Read More

How to Get Organized for your next Long-Haul Flight


  Living in this region we are lucky to be able to fly to so many parts of the world easily. Whether you want to go East towards Asia and Australasia or West to Europe and the Americas; we have unlimited choice of destinations and flights. The only problem is the long-haul flight to the destination. It is all well and good to go to these exotic destinations, but we still have to endure the 6+ hour flight to get there. I have previously provided a list of what I take in my hand luggage when flying, including my pashmina shawl and Read More

How to Fold your Clothes Properly


  How often do you find that you have no room in your wardrobe as you are cramming your clothes into a small space? Do you get frustrated by the lack of space and end up buying more furniture to store your clothes?  If this is your situation currently, maybe you need to change how you fold your clothes. Often by folding your clothes (rather than throwing them into the space or hanging them), you can increase the space in your wardrobe and also find your clothes neatly and with less creases in them. This brilliant infogram from Home Advisor, Read More

Clever Products to Help You have an Organized Car

I always want my car to look as organized and clutter free as possible, especially when I have people in it. I have tried various methods over the years to obtain a zen like zone in my car some successful and some just a waste of money and space. These follow products and tricks that I have tried and tested,  will help you feel less stressed and also save you time when trying to find items in your car.

A storage box is a perfect way to corral items in your boot. I have used a plastic box from IKEA for uses, but now use a box similar to this as it can be folded up when empty. I store reusable shopping bags, screen wash, a few organizing items I need when visiting clients, a beach blanket, rubbish bags (see why below) and also my groceries (it stops them rolling out).


This shoe storage solution is great to use in your car to store items for your kids and yourself. I would also keep spare bottles of water and tissues as I need them often.




















This recommendation to use a cereal box as a rubbish bin is genius! You can get a cereal box in IKEA or in a hypermarket. You can store a roll of rubbish bags in the storage box in the boot of the car (seen up above).





















These hooks can be hung on your headrest and then can be used to hang your handbag, school bags, baby suppliers, rubbish bags…well anything.  Using this, I don’t worry about the contents falling out (especially my lipstick) and I can easily reach for it if I need anything from inside. When I have guests and/or travelling long distances, I hang a rubbish bag on the hook and empty it whenever it is full and we see a rubbish bin.





























The food inside may not be healthy, but this is a great way to store food whilst travelling between clients, meetings and other events during the week (a lady has to eat…).













These silicon cupcake liners line my cup holders. They catch split drinks, crumbs and coins. If dirty it is easy to clean with wet wipes.









It is always good to have a first aid kit at your disposal. This box has been filled with blankets and various first aid items. You may want to reduce the number of items and just have a small first aid box. You can buy a ready made box from the pharmacies.




















The central console area can be a clutter minefield. I found these acrylic trays are a great way to easily store items such as the ones in the pictures below.




















This shower caddy has been used in a clever way to store various items in the car (we may not need to use the space to store mittens (or gloves)).











When you have finished chewing your gum, rather than throwing the container in the recycle bin, fill it up with your coins and then store your container in the drinks holder or in the side door panel.











What products do you use to ensure your car is clutter free and organized? I would love to hear and see you ideas.


If you need help to get organized, contact me by completing the contact form and I will be in touch as soon as possible.


Shelina Jokhiya


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