Do You Need Help Organizing Your Home and Clearing Out Clutter?


  • Is Your Wardrobe Too Full?
  • You’ve just bought some new clothes, but there’s nowhere to put them.
  • DeCluttr Me will review the area, physically removing the items that you do not wear, are broken, do not fit or are plain ugly and create sinple organized systems in your wardrobe.


  • Are You Embarrassed By The Clutter In Your House?
  • Does the clutter in your home make you feel ashamed?  Decluttr Me will help you organize and declutter your home.  We will review the areas, physically remove the clutter and create simple organized systems in the areas that need organizing.


  • Dreading the thought of moving homes?
  • We will help you declutter before the move, so you take only what you want and need to your new home, organise move day with one of our Preferred Partner Relocations Companies, direct the removal company with unpacking in your new home and organize all your items, so that you move into your new organized home.
  • We ensure you don’t miss a day of work or you can take a holiday whilst we organize your move. Find out more here.


  • Are You Downsizing To A Smaller Apartment?
  • Don’t ever pay for storage!  DeCluttr Me will help you discard items that you won’t need in your new home and help you organize your possessions in the new apartment to ensure that it looks spacious and organized.


Life changer! Always smiling despite seeing the mess and clutter I had in the house. During our session, Shelina was kind, very professional, incredibly thorough and efficient. I am really looking forward to working with Shelina again, which I hope is very soon! - Vicky