Decluttr Me is here to maximize your workspace through the process of reorganization, archiving and shredding. We will help you clear your office space, which will in turn clear the space in your employees mind, unlock new ideas, create more business opportunities and reduce stress.

File and paper management

We help you declutter files and paper on your desk, floor and filing room. We then create hard copy and soft copy organised systems that will allow you and your employees to easily locate and retrieve documents when needed.


If  you need to retain documents for a certain period of time due to government regulations, we work with our partners to archive the documents in a safe manner.


Do not worry about scanning all those important documents, we can organise for this to be completed for you so that you can concentrate on making money for your company.


Documents from the 1990’s still in your cupboards? We work with our partner to have them shredded in a safe, confidential manner, quickly and painlessly.

DeCluttering and Organizing Workshops

Clutter and disorganization can have a major impact on one’s life, not only affecting their health, wealth and relationships. It can also adversely affect their work, performance and productivity, which will affect your company’s morale and profits.


To counter this affect, Decluttr Me offers 2 workshops for your employees:


a. Clean Desk Policy – This workshop focuses on training your employees to improve their productivity and learn how to utilise technology to help them be more productive in the office. With improved processes, your company can save money as well as enjoy a more clutter free, stress free, organized workspace and filing area.


b. How to DeClutter & Organize your Life – this workshop focuses on decluttering and organizing various aspects of your daily life, including your home.


Both of these workshops are a great way to enhance the CSR programmes for your employees and to increase their productivity and your profits.


To find out more about these workshops, complete the contact form below and we will be in touch.

Desktop review

Overflowing with papers, stationery, files and mugs?


We help remove the items that are not needed on your desk and drawers and create organised systems that are designed for your employee to work productively and happily. We work one to one with your employees to organise their desk area and train them on how to stay organised moving forward. Not everyone has the skills to be organised; we can train them to be start being organised today.

Digital Organizing

Do you find you can never find a document on the company server?


Do you have 1000 emails in your inbox and no way of removing them from there?


A calendar with no coherent scheduling?


We work with the employees to find the most efficient way of filing documents on the server, storing emails in your email system and utilising your calendar so that it works seamlessly on your desktop computer and smart phone.

Moving Office

We will help you clear the clutter from your office, reducing the costs of moving and the number of boxes needed to be packed and unpacked in the new location.


We will also assist with creating organized systems in your new office so that you ensure that you start in your new office decluttered and organized.

Business Card Organizing

Do you have pile of cards lying in your desk drawer or in a box. Never have time to connect with the people  you meet at networking events?


Using Evernote, we save all your business cards digitally, organising them in a logical manner and connecting  you with the business card owners on LinkedIn. You can access Evernote on your phone, tablet or laptop ensuring you have an efficient proactive networking tool at any time.


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