The warehouse office contained a lot of shipping documents which were filed in a disorganised manner on desks and shelves. Each employee had allocated a specific area to file their client’s files with no logical system.

The files were collected from all employees and organised to ensure anyone could locate them at any time from the allocated filing room. Each section was labelled for ease of use. The employees were also trained to ensure the files were returned to their appropriate space every day, before the end of their shift.

We also created a stationary cupboard, collecting all the stationery which was stored in various places into one central location, which was labelled appropriately.

On the upstairs level, the space was being used as a dumping ground for anything. One area was completely cleared of all clutter. We also collected old electronics, documents to be archived and used toner cartridges which were collected by third party companies.



The office contained a lot samples and wires on various desks, shelves and on the floor. There was no logical way to find samples to take to client meetings and other items for the company to work efficiently.

The samples were separated and put into boxes and labelled. The solar panels were organised with like for like panels, boxed and stacked neatly. All the items were then stored in the store room. The office area was cleared of all the clutter and the store room was utilised in a uncluttered, organised and safe manner.


150310 Blue Star Reorganised samples



The office contained a lot of training props in various boxes and suitcases in a disorganised pile. The props decluttered and organised into boxes and stored on shelving to enable easy access by the team for future training activities. Check out the before and after video here: