Carpet/Furniture Cleaner

Have you had accidents on your carpets and sofas due to the kids or the pets (or even yourself!), then you need one of these service providers to help you deep clean your items.


Sancare offers a range of specialist and deep cleaning services, designed to protect your furniture and also your family’s health. We clean and sanitise Sofas, Curtains, Carpets, Air Ducts and Mattresses amongst other items, and in doing so we can remove dust, mold, stains and other nasties that accumulate over time and can’t be removed with general cleaning.


We are the only NCCA (UK National Carpet Cleaners Association) accredited company in the UAE and have undergone the requisite training in the UK to gain that accreditation.


We buy our equipment from the EU, US and Australia and use patented UV technology to Sanitise your Mattresses. As part of the service, we can also offer you a no obligation consultation and survey. We are passionate about keeping your furniture looking and feeling great as well as protecting your Indoor Air Quality!

``Excellent service including timing and courteous staff as well as a decent price`` - Ahmed