Feng Shui/Vastu

Feng shui is about energy flow. Clutter and disorganization are all energy blocks. Those energy blocks can be removed by investing time, attention and sometimes, money. When you make a point of surrounding yourself with only the things you love and use regularly, there’s going to be more flow in your life. These Feng Shui and Vastu consultants can help bring flow to your life.

Natural Healing Home

At Natural Healing Home, we practice Classical Chinese Feng Shui; also, called Flying star Feng Shui. Classical Feng Shui is the art of balancing the elements to harmonize the energy around us. What is bad we cure. What is good we try and enhance.


Our Feng Shui report will consist of cures and energy balancing remedies in the form of decorative suggestions of different colors, shapes, sounds and materials – the basis of this is understanding and applying the logic of the birth cycle of the 5 elements – water, wood, fire, earth and metal.


Clutter brings with it dense and stagnant energy. At Natural Healing Home we offer solutions to clear this unwanted energy with both Feng Shui and Space clearing techniques.

``We got a Feng Shui consultation done by Natural Healing Home and within a month we started noticing a change, a positive change! Everything feels better than before; be it home, career, finance or children! Without asking NHH keeps us well informed of what we are doing and why! Very happy with their consultancy and keep up the good work!`` - RJ