Flowers are used in homes to bring good energy or chi (as it is called in Feng Shui). If you want to improve your chi these florists can supply you with beautiful bouquets all year round.

Upscale and Posh Flowers

The universal language of flowers crosses any cultural boundaries, interpretations or meanings. The feng shui use of flowers as a symbol is based on the same universal feeling that flowers evoke in all humans — a feeling of beauty, grace, and a delicate, alive sensuality.

Live flowers are always the premier choice for your home, as they bring a strong healing energy. At Upscale and Posh Flowers we pride ourselves in providing our clients with the freshest, quality flowers available in the UAE. Our experienced florists ensure that our designs stay current and vibrant whilst our delivery team ensures that you receive your flowers looking great and with a smile.

Visit our website for all your delivery needs; we also supply offices with weekly flower arrangements as well as cater for all size events.

``Upscale and Posh have been my go to florist for the past year, delivering my sentiments to family and friends in Dubai ,their quality and service have been amazing and very consistent. I can without hesitation recommend their service for all your flower needs``. -
Katherine Smith.